Sale Process

Exito Partners believes that a project, whether it is a NPL portfolio sale, or a special situation transaction, or a capital-raising mandate, can be completed efficiently and swiftly in a short period of time.
The exact timeline will partially depend on the specific nature of the project, on the quality and availability of the information, and also on the internal approval processes of the client.

However, assuming data collation and information integrity are completed to a reasonable standard, a transaction could be launched to the market within 4 weeks and placed within 12 weeks from signing of the mandate.

Settlement and closing of the transaction largely depends on the nature of the underlying assets and can vary from few weeks to 6 months.

Exito Partners will ensure its clients receive full and regular feedback on the process and will ensure transparency throughout the mandate so that investors have the confidence to participate to a project that is real, effective, and with a very high probability of being completed successfully.

Example of Timeline for a NPL portfolio sale