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2019 – Ukraine


Exclusive Advisor

Mixed NPL Portfolio

Sale of a Portfolio of 335 loans across corporate, SME, and retail borrowers; with 79% of the loan facilities being secured primarily by real estate in Kiev and surrounding areas. The portfolio was sold to a single new investor in the market.

2018 – Ukraine

53 Properties

Exclusive Advisor

Repossessed Real Estate Assets Portfolio

Sale of a portfolio of 53 repossessed real estate assets. The portfolio comprises land, offices, residential and recreational assets, spread across Ukraine, albeit with a concentration in Kiev and surrounding areas

2018 – Ukraine


Exclusive Advisor

Large Cap NPL Portfolio

The client is in the settlement phase of a challenging Portfolio of Large Cap Corporate NPL Portfolio, with a large portion of the Portfolio represented by deeply distressed companies in the Eastern Ukraine non controlled territories

Large European Bank

2018 – Ukraine


Exclusive Advisor

Large Cap Corporate & SME NPL Portfolio

Sale of a Portfolio of 36 Large Cap & SME NPLs of various sectors and collateral quality on behalf of a large European bank; the Portfolio represents a unique opportunity for exposure to the very high yielding Ukrainian distressed debt market

2017 Ukraine


Exclusive Advisor

Mixed NPL Portfolio

Exito Partners sold a mixed corporate, SME and retail NPL portfolio, containing 16,000 exposures, successfully tranched into a handful of buckets offered separately to investors in order to maximise price for the seller

2017 Ukraine


Exclusive Advisor

Mixed NPL Portfolio

Exito Partners sold a mixed corporate, SME and retail portfolio of over 1,000 loans, containing €63m uncollateralised loans and €13m loans with collateral based in the conflict zone, all of which were successfully sold

2016 Ukraine


Exclusive Advisor

Corporate & CRE NPL Portfolio

Exito Partners executed the first transaction of this type and size in Ukraine delivering a sale price 15% higher than seller’s expectations and 20% higher than that obtained from several IB trading desks

2015 Germany


Exclusive Advisor

UK buy-to-let Mortgages

Sale of a Portfolio of 3,725 buy-to-let mortgage loans and related equity into 2 securitisation SPVs on behalf of the largest German state owned wind-down agency, leading to a successful execution above the client’s expectations

2014 Cyprus


Sale Agent

Restricted FX Deposit & Shares

Following the bail-in of Bank of Cyprus, Exito Partners successfully created liquidity for both restricted FX deposits and deposits converted into unlisted shares in the Bank by sourcing investors focused on deeply illiquid situations

2014 Germany


Exclusive Sale Agent

Single name Infrastructure Loan

Sale of a €35m Term Loan and  respective shareholding in the parent company, achieving a price 42% higher than that previously achieved by other syndicate members. The firm is on the panel of sell side advisors to FMS

2013 South Africa


Sale Agent

Single name Syndicated Loan

As part of the deleveraging process, in 2010-14 many Western European banks sold non-core EM loans, as for instance MTN, and Exito Partners helped maximising price by charging a transparent fee rather than working on the basis of a bid/offer spread

2012 Germany


Exclusive Advisor

Middle market LBO Portfolio

Exito Partners was mandated to sell a €100m Portfolio consisting of 22 middle market illiquid LBO loans with no quotes widely available in the market, achieving a price 50% higher than the Indicative Bids received and exceeding client expectations

This page contains  examples of transactions that were executed by the Partners in their own respective capacities at either Exito Partners (formerly Exito Capital) or at Cohen & Company