Example of Transactions



Sale of 3,725 UK Buy-to-Let Mortgage Loans & Equity of  2 Securitisation Vehicles

Exito Partners was mandated by the largest German state​owned wind-down agency to sell a Portfolio of 3,725 mortgage loans. Designed an optimal strategy for the sale of shares & assets, leading to a successful execution above the client’s expectations



Sale of NPL secured by office and shopping malls


Exito Partners was mandated and successfully sold to an emerging market investor the non-performing CRE loan secured by an office and two shopping centres in central Bucharest executing the transaction within several weeks



Sale of 22 Middle Market LBO Loans


Exito Partners was mandated  to sell a €100m Portfolio consisting of 22 illiquid loans with no market price, achieving a Binding Bid 50% higher than Indicative Bids & exceeding client expectations



Sale of Single Name Infrastructure Coporate Loan

Exito Partners is on the panel of sell side advisors for FMS & was  exclusively selected to manage the  sale of a €35m Term Loan & respective  shareholding in the parent company, achieving a Binding Bid 42% higher than achieved by previous syndicate members


$65 / $80

NPLs secured on office buildings

Exito Partners was mandated to value and advise on strategic options relating to 1) $80m NPLs secured against 12 CRE offices across the Netherlands and 2) $65m NPL secured against a large office building in Paris that was undergoing sauvegarde proceedings



Sales Advisor to Bank Group

Exito Partners was mandated by 21 lenders to the third-largest supermarket group in Slovenia to organise a distressed sale of the loans & business to international​ investors​



Sale of distressed shipping loan secured by container vessels

Exito Partners was mandated to organise and manage the sale of a $46m distressed loan secured by 3 container vessels soliciting significant interest from 8 investors



Loan secured by CRE


Exito Partners advised on the sale of a $45m loan secured against 12 shopping malls across Hungary


Renewable Wind Farm Portfolio / Aircraft Portfolio / Shipping Loan

Exito Partners valued and advised on the sale of 1) $82m loan secured on a portfolio of 32 renewable wind farm assets located across CEE and 2) $25m loan disposal secured by aircraft portfolio 3) $23m syndicated loan secured on 2x LNG tankers


Russian Logistics Center

Exito Partners valued and advised on the sale of a Class A logistics center south of Moscow that through enforcement was owned by a Russian subsidiary of Unicredit


Non-core real estate backed loan portfolio


Exito Partners worked on a mixed portfolio including performing and non-performing loans in a number of CEE markets including Romania; we advised the Bank on a possible sale of a smaller sub-portfolio drawn from this pool



Restricted FX Deposit & Shares

Exito Partners successfully created liquidity for both restricted FX deposits & converted unlisted shares in Bank of Cyprus by sourcing investors seeking exposure to a  deeply illiquid situation


Shipping Portfolio

Exito Partners were engaged to conduct an analysis of a non-core shipping portfolio and construct a number of optimal sub-portfolios for an outright sale with the remainder of the portfolio transferred to an off balance sheet SPV fund


Non-core infrastructure/ PFI/ renewable loan portfolio

Exito Partners provided balance sheet advisory on a long dated performing portfolio originated pre 2007 with relatively low yields. Presented the Board with various strategic options from an outright sale to a synthetic and/or structured solution


Non-core Spanish and UK residential and CRE loan portfolio

Exito Partners and Cohen & Company were engaged to advise and provide structuring solutions for a real estate securitisation


Restricted FX Deposit & Shares

Exito Partners provided balance sheet advisory on a $9 billion shipping portfolio presenting various capital markets solutions to senior management



Mixed NPL Portfolio

Exito Partners is one of the  Approved Advisors for the state-  controlled Deposit Guarantee  Fund of Ukraine (DGF) and sold  the first Portfolio for the DGF  comprising 335 facilities



Large Cap & SME Loan Portfolio

Exito Partners successfully managed the sale process on its own Electronic Trading System platform, EP Liquid. The Portfolio  comprised 157 facilities with the  auction process seamlessly  operated on EP Liquid



Corporate Loan Portfolio 

Exito Partners managed and executed the sale of a portfolio comprising of 42 Corporate Loans. This Portfolio was the second sold using Exito Partners electronic asset trading platform EP Liquid, once again delivering a competitive sales process



3 Large Real Estate Assets.

Exito Partners secured a mandate to advise & sell 3 high profile real estate assets in Ukraine advising both the Management & Supervisory Boards of the most effective strategy



Mixed Corporate, SME & Retail Loan Portfolio

Exito Partners sold a mixed  portfolio of over 1,000 loans, containing $62m uncollateralised loans and $13m loans collateralised in the conflict zone



Corporate & CRE Loan Portfolio

Exito Partners delivered a sale  price 15% higher than seller’s  expectations & 20% higher than  obtained by several Investment  Banking trading desks



Large Cap Corporate Loan Portfolio

Exito Partners successfully  divested a challenging Portfolio of  Large Cap Corporate Loans, with  a large portion of the Portfolio  located in the ATO Zone



Mixed Corporate, SME & Retail Loan Portfolio.

Exito Partners successfully  tranched over 16,000 exposures  into a handful of buckets that  were sold separately to investors  in order to maximise price for the  seller

South Africa


Syndicated Loan Facility

Exito Partners was requested by  a large Swiss bank to market and  sell this performing exposure. This was part of a wider strategy across Western Europe during the  deleveraging process of divesting  performing assets in non-core  jurisdictions



Corporate & CRE Loan Portfolio

Exito Partners participated in the sale of a non-core syndicated NPL secured against one of the largest shopping malls in Istanbul



Project Finance Senior Term Loan & Interest Rate Swap

Exito Partners was mandated to advise and sell a $21m participation in a $176m senior secured loan with a $5.5 MtM interest rate swap on an Egyptian gas fired 680 MW power station



Large Corporate & Real Estate  NPL Portfolio

Exito Partners was mandated to advise on the optimal large corporate & real estate portfolio composition, provide indicative market pricing and subsequently manage and execute an auction sale



Corporate Bankruptcy Claim

Exito Partners managed and executed a highly competitive sale process placing the Bankruptcy Claim to a European private family office



Corporate & CRE Loan Portfolio

Exito Partners sold over $300m bankruptcy claims, sourced from various European banks and few UK local authorities and sold over 3 years to various distressed debt hedge funds. Claims were of various size, ranging from as small as $1m circa to as large as $70m



Claim Trade

Exito Partners successfully traded a creditor claim to an emerging market investor



Shipping Insolvency Claim Portfolio

Exito Partners participated in the portfolio sale of 7 separate claims to German KG shipping funds

This page contains  examples of transactions that were executed by the Partners in their own respective capacities at either Exito Partners (formerly Exito Capital).