Exito Partners specialises in providing advisory services and solutions for the execution of the most complex and illiquid assets sale:
  • Confidential execution of sale of distressed assets and other assets that are illiquid by nature
  • Advise and implementation of synthetic or structured portfolio solutions to minimise the capital and P&L impact of asset sales
  • Equity & Debt capital raising, as well as capital structure optimisation


The core team is composed of senior and experience Bankers from Tier 1 Investment Banks, complemented by professionals with diverse financial and industry background:

  • Individuals have decades of experience in distressed debt trading & sales, corporate workout & restructuring, and risk management
  • In the last 12 months alone, Exito Partners has been the exclusive sales advisor to over $1 billion of credit and asset sales


Exito Partners is a truly conflict free independent firm not tied to any investor and this it can provide unbiased un-conflicted advise to its clients.
  • The firm does not charge a bid-offer spread but it has a highly competitive fee structure aligning its remuneration with the client’s desired goals
  • Exito Partners provides complete investors and price transparency to its clients