Asset Valuation

Exito Partners has significant experience in valuing alternative assets, debt and equity with the purpose of realising their market value.

When we are formerly mandated by a client, we perform a desk top valuation to establish a realistic market price for the asset. We then market such assets to investors and maximise the sale proceeds for our client. Our valuation can also form the basis for determining a minimum Reserve Price for the sale of the asset.

Our valuations are based on:

  • Valuation of the collateral
  • Analysis of the cash flows of the company and/or the asset
  • Recovery time scenarios
  • Analysis of similar assets sold in the market
  • Soft market sounding with investors

We are able to value:

  • Non-Performing Loan (NPL) portfolios (corporate and consumer)
  • Single stressed or distressed debt and equity (loans, bonds, claims, businesses)
  • Real estate, infrastructure, renewable, shipping & aviation loans and assets
  • Enterprise valuation of performing businesses (M&A, divestments, restructurings)

Exito Partners would be pleased to provide our valuation services independently of managing any sales process.